C-SIS Sheathing System Drawings

1-1/8″ C-SIS System DrawingsOur innovative C-SIS sheathing system utilizes a combination of advanced product design, material performance and installation characteristics that deliver exceptional value and long term performance.

Download the 1-1/8″ C-SIS System architectural drawings, above, which illustrate the comprehensive joint sealing and connection details.

The innovative accessories for the tight sealing of the joints, fastening and flashing measurably increase wind loading, air and water barrier capabilities of the entire C-SIS system. Every accessory product required to be used in the system has been thoroughly tested and proven to create high performance exterior walls and virtually eliminate thermal bridging that robs your building of energy performance and your pocketbook. The 1-1/8″ C-SIS System connection details are as follows:

•    The C-SIS is attached directly to framing members using Screw Products 2-3/4” fasteners which are corrosion resistant.

•    The 1/8” gap between the C-SIS foam is filled with 3M Corporation’s Venture Tape VG 308 Double- Sided Foam Tape. This unique tape is specifically designed for sealing applications.

•    The gap between the FRT skin of the C-SIS is then filled with  3M’s 4000UV Adhesive Sealant that bonds the C-SIS skins together.

•    The complete joint is then covered with 4″ wide  3M 8067 All Weather Flashing tape. This flashing tape is also used around all wall penetrations.

The 2-1/8″ C-SIS Sheathing System is assembled in the same way, with the same materials with the exception of the fasteners. For the 2-1/8″ Sheathing, Screw Products Bronze Star 3-1/2″ screws are required. Architectural drawings for the 2-1/8″ C-SIS System are available upon request.

When you invest in CPBS’ C-SIS System, the net-zero investment and return on investment will speak for themselves. Strong structural performance, higher R-values, reduced thermal bridging, low air and vapor infiltration, reduced initial HVAC equipment investment, and preventing mold and moisture penetration are all proven characteristics of the C-SIS system. As energy costs climb higher, your exterior wall systems will keep pace and will increase your return on investment if you choose to surround yourself with the future…today.