C-SIP Wall System Drawings

C-SIP Wall System Arch. DrawingsDesigned from the start to match the performance levels of the C-SIP wall panel, these required system accessories and advanced building methods create the highest performing exterior building envelope that virtually eliminate water and air infiltration as well as thermal bridging that rob your building of energy performance and your pocketbook.

Download the Architectural Drawings above for a closer look at the C-SIP System which includes our unique panel connections, joint sealing and door and window installation.

As important as how the C-SIP wall panel systems are assembled and connected, are what accessories are used that create new levels of performance, sustainability and return on investment. The C-SIP System step by step details and assembly photo below show a typical 4-1/2” thick R-26 C-SIP wall panel and joint connection details.

  • Typical lumber top and bottom plates are replaced with Bedford’s FRT continuous 4” x 1-3/8” x 3/16” channels.  The bottom channel is secured to the foundation, the top channel attaches to the roof structure and both fit into the pre-grooved C-SIP wall panels.
  • The panel connection, “H-Stud,” is mounted in the grooved side of the C-SIP wall panel. The adjacent panel grooves fit snugly over the H-Stud to create a continuous stud running the length of the panel joints from the bottom to top plate, joining the C-SIP wall panels with a structural stud made of high performance FRT composite material.
  • The Bedford channels and H-Stud are installed with ITW Buildex self-tapping flush head screws– spaced as required by our engineering specifications.
  • The 1/4″ inch gap between panels is filled with 3M’s 4000UV Adhesive Sealant.
  • The filled joint is then covered with 3M’s 4″ 8067 All Weather Flashing Tape that seals over the screw heads and bonds to the adhesive sealant creating an air and water tight joint over the “H-Stud” connection.
  • Pultruded composite framed windows are mounted in the C-SIP panels with fasteners that screw into 4” FRT channel running continuously inside the rough window opening.
  • The same high performance 3M flashing tape covers the window nailing flange and all wall penetrations – creating an air and water tight bond with the C-SIP wall panel skin.

This innovative combination of advanced FRT composite skins and the high insulating polyurethane foam core – R-26 in a 4-1/2 inch thick panel – delivers the performance that homeowners, apartment and building owners need in order to protect their long term investments.