C-SIS Stucco System

CPBS’ C-SIS Stucco System is the combination of the C-SIS Sheathing, accessory components and Stuc-O-Flex’s Elastomeric Acrylic Stucco system.  CPBS has approved using Stuc-O-Flex International, who created America’s first breathable Elastomeric Acrylic Finish back in 1981, to finish your building’s exterior with a rapid application, labor saving, Stucco exterior finish.  Stuc-O-Flex is a highly resilient 100% Acrylic Polymer compound that looks and feels like traditional stucco.  Its thermo-plastic and elastomeric nature allows building movement while enhancing resistance against cracks. CPBS’ advanced FRT skin creates a continuous, even surface ideal for a long lasting bond with the Stuc-O-Flex elastomeric acrylic stucco. Visit the Exterior Stucco System main site at www.cpbsess.com

The demonstrative video below proves Stuc-O-Flex’s performance capabilities and strengths.

 Stuc-O-Flex and C-SIP Wall Panels

The same long-lasting benefits of Stuc-O-Flex stucco can be married with the powerful energy performance of CPBS’ Composite Structural Insulated Panel (C-SIP) System.  By combining the beauty and durability of Stuc-O-Flex elastomeric acrylic stucco with the R-26 insulating performance of the C-SIP System, building owners can enjoy decades of low energy bills, low maintenance exterior walls and a higher return on their building investment.

By finishing the C-SIP System with Stuc-O-Flex, your building will be surrounded with a high performance building envelope that also protects your pocketbook from escalated utility bills and hidden damage from mold and moisture.

To explore more the high performance benefits and long term sustainability of C-SIPs visit the Composite Structural Insulated Panel (C-SIP) page or use the product navigation menu to the left.