C-SIS Stucco System Drawings

1-1/8″ C-SIS Stucco System DrawingsWhy consider the C-SIS Stucco System to finish your building’s exterior walls?  As a proven complement to the C-SIS sheathing system, CPBS has approved using only Stuc-O-Flex® International’s elastomeric acrylic stucco in combination with the C-SIS sheathing and accessory products (see photo below for more details) to provide an attractive long-lasting, durable finish that can withstand decades of harsh weather conditions.  Building owners will appreciate the measurable savings from significantly lower energy costs as well as the low maintenance costs that the C-SIS Stucco System delivers to their new or existing building.

The photo below details the accessory system method and products that CPBS has rigorously tested to achieve long term durability. These innovative accessories for the tight sealing of the joint and flashing of the C-SIS sheathing measurably increases the air and water barrier capabilities of the entire sheathing system.

The 1-1/8″ C-SIS Stucco System connection details are as follows:

  • A small gap – 1/8” between the C-SIS foam cores – is filled with 3M’s Venture Tape VG 308 Double-Sided Foam Tape.
  • The gap between the FRT skin of the C-SIS is then filled with 3M’s 4000UV adhesive sealant that bonds the C-SIS skins together.
  • The complete joint is then covered with 3M’s four (4″) inch wide 8067 All Weather Flashing tape. This flashing tape is also used around all wall penetrations.
  • The exterior wall is then finished with Stuc-O-Flex elastomeric acrylic stucco system in a three step process.  First, Stuc-O-Flex joint compound is applied over the 3M All Weather Flashing tape, then the whole wall surface receives an application of Stuc-O-Flex Primer.  The primed wall is then finished with Stuc-O-Flex elastomeric acrylic stucco.

The 2-1/8″ C-SIS Stucco System is assembled in the same way, with the same materials with the exception of the fasteners. For the 2-1/8″ Sheathing, Screw Products Bronze Star 3-1/2″ screws are required.

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