When considering composite materials for your eco-friendly building project, it is important not the judge based on price alone. Take into account the total cost, the full life cycle cost.

Total Cost Diagram

While composites can be more costly to purchase due to the cost of resource materials and manufacturing, their lighter weight results in lower transportation costs. Using green products that replace multiple building products reduces labor costs and waste disposal charges on the job site. Composites require less maintenance than wood or metal structures and significantly lower operational costs through energy savings. The durability of green building products ensures a longer lifespan and lower replacement frequency. Additionally, most composites are recyclable which diminishes disposal fees.

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Building with CPBS’ Composite Structural Insulated Panels (C-SIP) or Sheathing (C-SIS) is more expensive than traditional methods. But the old saying is true: You do get what you pay for. The benefits of using a higher performance product far outweigh the temporary monetary gains of any weaker, low performance, cheap material.

Payback Quote CPBS specialists will help every client plan and complete their building project including connecting homeowners with modern lending programs that promote savings in decreased energy consumption which translates into the long term sustainability for your home.

If you would like more information on any of CPBS’s products or services for your home, email our sales staff and learn more about the quick payback and long term return on your investment when you choose to build with the C-SIP or C-SIS Systems.