Why certify the green performance score for your home or building?  NAHB and LEED certification offers greater value in your building project through energy savings and sustainability.  Certification also allows you take advantage of a growing number of state and local government tax incentives.  Why select CPBS products for your NAHB or LEED certification? There are multiple ‘green’ products that, when combined, can boost green ratings scores but none offer as many ways to earn points for the NAHB or LEED certifications as CPBS’ products can with a single product.  The two tables below profile how CPBS products quickly boost the points earned for either NAHB or LEED certification in multiple categories:

Category Description/Section Points Earned
Energy & Atmosphere EA 1 – Optimize Energy Performance 1 to 34 points
  EA 2 – Insulation 2 points
  EA 3 – Air Infiltration 3 points
Materials & Resources MR 1 – Material Efficient Framing 1 to 3 points
  MR 2 – Environmentally Preferred Products (walls, roofs and floors) ½  to 1 ½   points
  MR 3 – Waste Management 1 to 3 points
  MR 5 – Regional Materials 1 to 2 points
Indoor Environmental Quality IEQ 4.4 – Low-emitting Materials 1 point
  48 ½ points available
Category Description/Section Points Earned
Resource Efficiency Section 2.1.6 B – Panelized Walls 6 points
  Section 2.1.6C – Panelized Roofs 6 points
Energy Efficiency Performance Path Section 3.2.1
  Points based on overall energy performance, measured by energy modeling analysis. Homes must be 40% more efficient than the 2003 IECC to get the full 100 points Maximum 100 points
  Prescriptive Path Section 3.3.1A
  Awarded 8 points for increased effective R-value. 8 points
  Section 3.3.1B – Air Sealing Requirements
  Does not automatically meet the air sealing requirements of 3.3.1B, but a complete building envelope installed per industry standards will satisfy the majority of the required air sealing measures.
Indoor Environmental Quality Section 5.2.2 – Project is awarded points for providing controlled ventilation at a rate of 7.5 cfm per person. Maximum 10 points