Our innovative C-SIS System utilizes a combination of innovative construction methods and advanced building materials that deliver exceptional value and sustainable, long term performance benefits. CPBS has teamed with several major materials manufacturing companies including 3M and their Venture tape division along with Screw Products to create an integrated system that drives additional energy savings, moisture and air barrier characteristics for the C-SIS System, engineered to perform at the highest levels for decades.

The C-SIS System dramatically outperforms the traditional built up, piecemeal combination of OSB, caulk and tape, house wraps, vapor retarders and termite shields in lowering operating costs and improving life-cycle costs.  No other building system delivers as many benefits, with superior insulation, an air and water tight building envelope, enhanced structural performance and water shedding drainage plane.

What is so unique about the C-SIS System? What are the performance benefits that make the C-SIS System superior to traditional exterior sheathing like OSB or plywood? Homeowners, building owners, property managers, architects and specifiers can count on the C-SIS System’s multi-tasking capabilities to deliver the following key performance characteristics:

  • Structural and non-structural applications for residential and commercial buildings
  • Ideal design for exterior energy retrofits as well as new construction building projects
  • Meets 2015 Energy Code requirements, www.EnergyCodes.gov
  • Enables LEED and NAHB Green Building points
  • Engineered to surpass new, stronger wind performance code criteria for high wind zones everywhere, by an improved method for braced wall construction
  • Creates an air-tight exterior building envelope, delivering long term sustainability
  • Adds R-6 or R-12 insulation in only 1-1/8”or 2-1/8” thickness, respectively
  • Complete air and water barrier, the FRT skin also serves as a vapor retarder
  • Multi-tasking green building product that eliminates the need for additional materials and speeds exterior wall construction time
  • Does not require any termite or insect treatments – the tight joint sealing and flashing system prohibits most insects from penetrating the wall system
  • No adhesives are ever used in the manufacturing process which eliminates the possibility of delamination –a common problem in traditional sheathing
  • Comprehensive fastening and joint sealing, developed with third party manufacturers that is pre- integrated and matched to perform at high levels for decades
  • Manufactured and tested to be installed and left unfinished for up to 180 days
  • Easy to finish the exterior FRT skin with traditional finishing materials like brick, siding or stucco
  • Eliminates costly thermal transfer, which is the conduction of hot or cool temperatures through wood and metal framing members
  • Reduces required HVAC cooling load as much as 20-30% over conventionally constructed buildings
  • Measurably decreases cooling and heating costs on any type of building and in any type of climate zone delivering substantial energy savings for the lifetime of the building
  • Delivers an attractive payback and long term return on investment

The construction solution of the future … today