Below are the specifications for CPBS’ C-SIP wall panel including dimensions, structural skin and foam properties as well as the specific ICC-ES and ASTM test results that highlight C-SIP’s superior performance.  CPBS is committed to delivering the highest performance, highest quality building products, while constantly striving to improve and enhance their value to you and your home or business.

CPBS 4-1/2” Composite Structural Insulated Panel
Overall Thickness 4-1/2”
Width 47-7/8”
Standard Length 8’-1”, 9’-1”, 10’-1”
Weight 4.62 lbs per sq. ft.
R – Value R-26 ASTM C-518
Outside Skin Properties
Type: Iso-Polyester Thermoset Composite
Thickness 3/16”
Reinforcing Biaxal Fiberglass Mat
Frame Spread 40 ASTM E-84
Water Resistive Barrier Grade A ASTM E-96-05
Vapor Retarder 0.94 perms ASTM E-96-05
UV Exposure Pass ICC-ES AC-38
Accelerated Aging Pass ICC-ES AC-38
Water Resistance Pass AATCC-127
Coefficient of Expansion for Core and Facings Pass ASTM C-393
Insulating Foam Properties
Type: Closed Cell Rigid Polyurethane
Thickness 4-1/8”
Core Density 2.3 PCF
Compressive Strength 35 psi
Tensile Strength 58 psi
Shear Strength 28 psi
Closed Cell Content > 90%
Fire Rating Class A ASTM E-84
Flame Spread < 25 ASTM E-84
Smoke Developed < 450 ASTM E-84
Wall Panel System Testing
Joint System
Freeze / Thaw 10 Cycles Pass ICC-ES AC-382
Water Resistance – 14 Day Exposure Pass ASTM D-2247
Ultraviolet Light Exposure – 210 Hours Pass ICC-ES AC-382
Accelerated Aging – 25 Cycles Pass ICC-ES AC-382
Hydrostatic Pressure – 5Hr Hold at 55 cm Pass AATCC 127
Peel Adhesion – 3M 8067 Flashing 4.76 lbs/in ASTM D3330-04
Assembly Tests
Water Penetration – 2.86 psf for 15 minutes Pass ASTM E-331
Water Penetration – 6.24 psf for 2 Hours Pass ASTM E-331
Rack/Shear 395 PLF ASTM E-72
Axial 2750 PLF ASTM E-72
Transverse L/120 113 PSF ASTM E-72
L/180 77 PSF ASTM E-72