CPBS teamed with major materials manufacturing companies including 3M and Bedford to create a complete system of accessory products that drive additional energy, moisture and vapor performance characteristics for the C-SIP Wall System. Designed from the start to match the performance levels of the C-SIP wall panel for new construction or energy retrofit projects, these required system accessories enable rapid assembly of an air tight, water tight building envelope that eliminates the use of wood connections that seriously undermine energy performance.
The required C-SIP System accessories act in unison with the C-SIP wall panel to create an extremely air-tight exterior building envelope with high building performance – delivering a net-zero investment and long term return on investment.

Learn more about the individual accessory components of the C-SIP System below.


Bedford FRT “H- Stud” Connector

Bedford’s Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoset (FRT) composite connection materials were selected by CPBS as the most effective material to deliver the highest performance in connective strength and thermodynamic properties including dramatically low thermal conductivity. The FRT connection system has extreme water, mold, vapor and termite/insect infestation resistance that sets industry standards for whole-wall performance unmatched by any wood or metal wall. The innovative C-SIP wall panel connector, or “H-Stud,” is made from this high performance FRT composite material and designed to firmly attach the adjacent C-SIP wall panels together.
The “H-Stud” is mounted in the pre-grooved C-SIP wall panel and the adjacent panel grooves fit snugly over the H-Stud to create a continuous stud running the length of the panel joints from the bottom to top plate.

Bedford FRT Top/Bottom Plate and Window Channel

Like the FRT “H-Stud”  the 4-inch wide composite channels are engineered to eliminate thermal bridging while creating a structurally strong and stable connection that blocks air and moisture infiltration and won’t degrade over the life of the building.

  • Continuous FRT 4” composite channels are installed as the top and bottom plates – replacing all wood components which are susceptible to rot, mold and moisture penetration, as well as termite or insect infestation that can dramatically weaken the structure. This 4 inch wide FRT composite channel has excellent thermodynamic properties that significantly reduce any thermal bridging that are inherent properties of wood and steel components.
  • The Bottom Plate FRT channel is anchored with bolts to the foundation.
  • Roof trusses are attached to the Top Plate FRT channel with screw fasteners and clips.
  • Windows are mounted onto the C-SIP exterior skin with fasteners screwed into the FRT channel that runs continuously inside the rough window opening. The same high performance four (4″) inch wide 3M all weather flashing tape covers the window nailing flange – creating an air and water tight bond with the C-SIP wall panel skin.

ITW Buildex™ – Fasteners

Self-tapping fasteners from ITW Buildex are ideal for attaching C-SIP wall panels to the Bedford FRT channels and “H-Studs.” The Buildex Climacoat™ finish reduces corrosion which can lead to unsightly rust bleeding through exterior and interior finishes.

3M™ 4000UV Adhesive

This one-part sealant cures to form a firm, rubbery waterproof seal. Its flexibility allows for the dissipation of stress caused by shock, vibration, swelling or shrinking. Its superior UV resistant properties make this an ideal adhesive sealant for use with the C-SIP FRT skins.

3M™ 8067 All Weather Flashing Tape

No primers, no staples, no nonsense

With unique pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, 3M’s All Weather Flashing Tape 8067 bonds on contact to seal through-wall penetrations at application temperatures from -40 degree F (-18C) up to 120 degrees F (49 C). Around windows, doors and other openings in wood or metal framed construction you save the time and work of applying primers or staples commonly used. Engineered for handling ease and performance reliability with high tack to grab fast and tight, even on damp surfaces.

  • Proprietary backing for long term confidence
  • Seals around screw heads to prevent moisture intrusion
  • Thin for a reliable and convenient fit into corners and under siding
  • Tough to resist punctures and tears during application and deliver a long service life