The tight building envelope created by using CPBS products with the required connection, joint sealing and flashing accessory system, does not allow sufficient air exchanges for occupant comfort. Properly designed fresh air ventilation is required to maintain indoor air quality.  CPBS will coordinate the analysis of the required HVAC information to optimize the design of a system with sufficient fresh air ventilation to ensure occupant comfort and indoor air quality.

An additional benefit of the tight building envelope that CPBS building products create is the dramatic reduction in the required HVAC cooling load for your new building – as much as a 40 to 50% decrease, using C-SIP wall panels, or 20 to 30% decrease, using C-SIS sheathing, over required cooling capacity for a building using conventional building materials. Using C-SIP wall panels and C-SIS sheathing reduces the cost of HVAC equipment and cuts the operating costs for the lifetime of the building – delivering an attractive payback and a long term return on investment.

CPBS will also provide assistance in developing the RESNET/Energy Star, State and Local Energy Certificates required as part of the building permit process.

Warranty Requirements

CPBS warrants the performance of the C-SIP wall panel system, C-SIS Sheathing System or C-SIS Stucco System only when assembled and installed in accordance with CPBS guidelines and required accessories. Required system accessories may be purchased directly from CPBS or from the approved vendor’s distributors. Failure to assemble and install the CPBS wall panel system with the required system accessories and installation process steps will result in voiding the CPBS manufacturer’s warranty.