CPBS’ Building Method focuses on:

Constructing an Air and Water Tight Envelope:

The CPBS building systems continuously wraps the entire wall surface with its advanced Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoset (FRT) skin that acts as an air and water barrier, vapor retarder and drainage plane – all in one product.

Creating a Super-Insulated Shell:

In conventionally built homes, inside air is escaping through cracks and joints in the walls and outside air is coming in making your energy bills much higher than they should to be. The C-SIP System delivers R-26 insulation while the 1-1/8” C-SIS System’s R-6 insulation increases a traditionally framed 2 x 4 wall with R-15 batt insulation, to achieve a R-21 wall without the added expense of 2 x 6 framing.

Eliminating Thermal Bridging:

By isolating the framing members in the C-SIS System, and completely eliminating wood and metal studs in the C-SIP System, CPBS walls become virtually impervious to thermal bridging, which is the conduction of hot or cold temperatures through materials, such as wood or metal, that lead to significant energy loss. It is the rigorously tested and proven FRT skin, polyurethane foam and joint sealing methods that create the high performance exterior walls.

Utilizing Advanced Windows and Doors:

As windows and doors are inevitable breaks in the building envelope, CPBS places major emphasis on specifying high performance pultruded composite window and door frames to meet the high performance values that CPBS product systems deliver.

Reducing Heating and Cooling Costs:

One of the best benefits to CPBS’ systems design is the high performance shell and extremely low annual energy demand. This allows owners to save upfront on a smaller HVAC system and every month on reduced operating costs.

Decreasing Need of Expensive Alternative Energy:

Are you considering alternative energy systems, like solar panels, to reach “Net-Zero”? Building with the CPBS products is a fantastic starting point. The dramatic reduction in energy use, allows you to use smaller and more affordable alternative energy systems providing a higher cost-benefit value. CPBS puts a building project within reach for achieving true “Net Zero” performance.