To confirm the compatibility of CPBS’ products system design with your building project, we advise architects, engineers or specifiers to contact CPBS during the preliminary design phase. CPBS custom makes sheathing specific to each project and so requires a minimum 30 day lead time for the manufacturing production in order to ensure clients receive custom orders on schedule.


We provide support and technical information regarding product specifications, structural capabilities, and connections and fastening requirements. Our structural engineering team has extensive experience with construction projects and C-SIP / C-SIS engineering and will provide the necessary structural drawings for your project.

Energy Modeling and Building Performance

CPBS will coordinate the creation of the Manual J -Sheet calculations to optimize HVAC systems and building performance as well as provide assistance in developing the RESNET/Energy Star, State and Local Energy Certificates required as part of the building permit process.

Assembly Drawings

We provide direction, details and construction drawings specific to each job. If you already have architectural drawings, we will modify your plans to accommodate and optimize the CPBS C-SIPs for your project.

On-site Assistance/ Installation and Building

Expert CPBS personnel are available for on-site technical assistance in the proper installation of the panel system and the total construction of the project. We can connect you with experienced class-A contractors in your area.  If you need construction questions answered, engineering help or full sheathing or wall panel installation, we are here to support your building project needs.


We will pre-cut your window and door openings.  The C-SIP panels are labeled to correspond to the assembly drawings for field identification. Meeting individual needs is our specialty.

Assembly Manual

A CPBS installation manual is sent with every order which gives detailed instruction in the handling and installation of the C-SIP wall panel system.

Export Buildings and Management

We will manage and arrange all requirements for container shipments to anywhere in the world and can supply all of the items for your home or building that are needed to complete the project.  From windows, roofing, cabinets, plumbing, flooring and renewable energy systems such as solar PV or solar thermal – CPBS will source, integrate into your building plans, containerize, deliver and install your high performance building anywhere in the world.

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