Traditionally, building exterior walls were constructed in a series of time consuming assembly and installation steps to achieve structural bracing, sheer walls, insulation, and barriers to air, water and vapor infiltration. The C-SIP System delivers all of these traditional wall assembly benefits but with an innovative multi-functional system that is an easy, cost effective alternative.

CPBS has teamed with several major materials manufacturing companies including 3M and Bedford to create a complete wall assembly system using FRT channels, coupled with a fastening methodology and joint treatment that is fully integrated with the wall panels. Engineered FRT channels from Bedford are used to join the C-SIP wall panels together and attach to the foundation, floor system and roof structure. These channels eliminate the use of wood or metal connection materials – susceptible to rot, mold and moisture penetration, as well as termite or insect infestation – creating a continuously insulated exterior envelope without any thermal bridging issues that affect every framed wall or traditional SIPS system. The FRT composite channels have excellent thermodynamic properties and have the same low rate of thermal expansion as the C-SIP FRT skin that will not degrade over time.

Why use the C-SIP System instead of conventional SIP panels or stick framing? There are many good reasons to utilize the numerous benefits of the C-SIP System. Homeowners, architects, apartment and building owners can count on the C-SIP System to deliver the following key performance characteristics:

  • Both Residential and Commercial, new construction or remodeling projects
  • Designed for Structural applications but will deliver same high performance results in non-structural applications as well
  • The C-SIP four-inch foam core, with an R-Value of 26, will not settle, shrink or lose R-Value
  • No adhesives are ever used in the manufacturing process which eliminates the possibility of delamination –a common problem in traditional SIPs
  • Meets 2015 Energy Code requirements with a complete wall panel system
  • Enables LEED and NAHB Green Building points with a single, precision engineered product application, replacing multiple building products
  • Performance benefits excel especially in hot and humid climate zones (Zones 1 and 2), such as the U.S. Gulf Coast
  • Delivers significant energy savings in all climate zone with superior insulation that eliminates thermal transfer
  • Reduces use of lumber and harvest of trees required by wood framing
  • Does not require any termite or insect treatments – the tight joint sealing and flashing system prohibits most insects from penetrating the wall system
  • Speeds construction time with a systematic approach for the entire building envelope
  • Reduces job site waste with a pre-engineered building system manufactured to exact specifications and dimensions
  • Manufactured and tested to be installed and left unfinished for up to 180 days
  • It is easy to finish the FRT skin with traditional materials like brick, siding or elastomeric stucco
  • Improves interior sound control with the C-SIP’s excellent acoustic characteristics
  • Comprehensive fastening and joint sealing, developed with third party manufacturers that is pre-integrated and matched to perform at high levels for decades.
  • Accessory system acts in unison with the innovative C-SIP FRT skin to block any air or water infiltration that rob energy performance and can seriously damage building interiors.
  • Delivers maximum long term sustainability
  • Decreases required HVAC cooling capacity by 40 to 50% over the required capacity with conventional building materials
  • Reduces the cost of HVAC equipment and cuts the operating costs for the lifetime of the building
  • Delivers an attractive net-zero investment and a long term return on investment

The construction solution of the future…today!